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Dr. med. vet. Dörte Döpfer, MSc, PhD, Food Animal Production Medicine Section,
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin in Madison

Dörte Döpfer, Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison,
is a veterinarian, epidemiologist and microbiologist by training. Among her research
interests, epidemiology of digital dermatitis (heel warts) in cattle has led to research
about the best-practice for hoof bathing to prevent and control digital dermatitis in cattle.

What causes digital dermatitis?

Dr. Dörte Döpfer

What is digital dermatitis (DD)?

  • Symptoms:
    • Ulcerative stage: red strawberry-like lesion at the skin-horn border of the cattle’s hoof.
    • Chronic stage: thickened skin not normal to the touch, packed with bacteria
  • The main bacteria causing digital dermatitis are the spiral-shaped treponemes, from the family of spirochetes
  • Other names for digital dermatitis: Strawberry heels, Heel warts, Mortellaro’s disease, Italian footrot.
  • High prevalence: 95-100% of cattle farms affected by digital dermatitis.

Symptoms and stages of bovine digital dermatitis lesions (Berry et al., 2012)

Stages Symptoms
M1 Small (<2 cm across) focal active state. Circumscribed lesion.
M2 Larger (>2 cm across) ulcerative active stage. Can be painful
M3 Healing stage
M4 Chronic stage. Surface is raised by tan, brown, black, rubbery, irregular, proliferative hyperkeratonic growths that vary from papilliform to mass-like projections.
M4.1 Chronic stage with smal active painful M1 focus.

Why do most measures fail to eliminate digital dermatitis in cows?

  • Digital dermatitis is often wrongly considered as a short-term disease that needs short-term intervention. A change of awareness is needed.
  • Digital dermatitis is a long-term disease that can result in long-term consequences.
  • A long-term integrated strategy is necessary for the management of digital dermatitis.

What is the best treatment strategy to deal with digital dermatitis in cattle?

  • Early detection of lesions and prompt topical treatment
  • Group hoof disinfection with hoof baths
  • Risk factor management

What can increase the risk of having problems with digital dermatitis?

  • Risk factors impacting the severity of digital dermatitis include:
    • Introduction of infected cows in a healthy herd
    • Introduction of healthy heifers in a contaminated dairy cattle herd
    • No hoof care for dry cows

Why should hoof baths be used for cattle?

  • Foot baths are used to disinfect cow hooves for the prevention of digital dermatitis.
  • Foot baths are important for the well-being of the cows.

What would be the best hoof bath protocol?

  • A "one size fits all" foot bath protocol does not exist.
  • The best strategy:
    • Bring down the number of infected hooves in highly contaminated herds (topical treatment + foot baths).
    • At the manageable stage of the disease, use a sustainable foot bath solution.

What should be known about Copper sulfate used in hoof baths?

  • Copper sulfate toxicity: problematic for the environment
  • Copper sulfate salts seem to have an effect upon preventing digital dermatitis.

What should be known about Formalin used in hoof baths?

  • Formalin toxicity : carcinogenic
  • Formalin is biodegradable.

What qualities should a sustainable hoof bath have?

  • A sustainable foot bath represents an alternative to traditional chemicals when:
    • It has no environmental impact.
    • It has no effect on worker’s health.
    • It can kill hoof pathogens.
    • It has no harmful consequences on the cow's health and well-being.

What's the problem with chronic infections, and what's the solution?

  • Chronic infections represent reservoir of infections.
  • A sustainable hoof care product that can help decrease chronic lesions with no increase of ulcerative lesions is the ideal solution.

How well do hoof bath solutions kill hoof pathogens?

  • Chemicals (including a botanical foot bath solution) showed efficacy against hoof pathogens:
    • At short contact times
    • At prolonged contact times
    • In the presence of organic matter

Dr Dörte Döpfer, what's your take home message?

  • Digital dermatitis needs your attention, it is not a short term disease.
  • Digital dermatitis has long term severe impacts on the well-being of the cows (beef or dairy cattle).
  • If you care for your cows, you need a long-term strategy against digital dermatitis.